Transforming lives in Ethiopia

Over the past two years we have seen a profound humanitarian crisis in Tigray.

The healthcare system is struggling to recover from the aftermath of the conflict in which the majority of hospitals were damaged, looted or vandalised, some destroyed completely. 

This leaves the lives and wellbeing of many thousands of people, particularly pregnant women and their unborn children, in jeopardy.

By restoring maternal health services in Tigray, our partner is providing critical care for mothers and babies, often a matter of life or death.

 Can you help us bring life safely into the world?

Women in labour are carried via stretcher for many miles to reach healthcare centres in the hope of safe deliveries.

From home births to hospital care: Tizita's journey to safer motherhood

Tizita visited the newly-equipped Wukro Maray Primary Hospital for her third pregnancy check-up. She vividly recalled the challenging experience of giving birth to her second child, enduring 20 hours of labour without the presence of a healthcare professional.

She expresses, “Learning that the nearby health facility is now well-equipped to provide care for expectant mothers, I was eager to come here with my husband for my third pregnancy check-up, and I want to ensure a safer delivery experience this time.”

How will my donation help save the lives of mothers and babies in Ethiopia?

Our partner Wings of Healing is restoring critical care for mothers and babies, by:

Restoring maternal health services (antenatal, delivery and postnatal) in ten healthcare centres in the Tigray region.


Re-equipping health centres with essential items, including beds, gloves, foetal stethoscopes, baby scales, blood pressure machines  and portable ultrasounds.

Providing clinical mentorship and training for healthcare professionals who were not able to practice clinical care following the destruction of healthcare facilities.

Organising forums for pregnant women, raising awareness of the restored services and encouraging women to visit health centres for maternal healthcare.

It costs €34,615 to restore each maternal health centre. Together, we can help ensure the delivery of health babies and prevent further loss of life.

Please donate today to help ensure women are not forgotten
and new life can be celebrated.

Why Ethiopiaid?

We raise funds for local Ethiopian charities to transform lives and achieve lasting change.

Our partners know the context and solutions; we listen and provide appropriate support. Growth and development are tracked in local communities using robust monitoring and evaluation. Partnerships continue as long as there’s a clear need and opportunities to make a lasting impact.

Our vision – an Ethiopia in which every person has access to quality education, healthcare and a life of dignity.

Our mission – breaking the cycle of poverty by enabling the poorest and most vulnerable and their communities to live with dignity, to build resilience and achieve real and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.


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