A gift today can help more girls like Teyeba stay in school and achieve their dreams.

A gift today can help more girls like Teyeba stay in school and achieve their dreams.

Over 80% of girls in Ethiopia drop out of school before completing grade 7 (Junior Certificate).

Teyeba is 14 years old and one day she hopes to be a lawyer. Teyeba wakes up at 5 am every morning to do the chores so she can go to school along with her older brothers. One day, while Teyeba was up early, she noticed her period had started. She missed school that day.

When girls miss school due to a lack of period products, they fall behind. 5 out of 6 girls in Ethiopia drop out of school completely before the end of grade 7 (Junior Certificate).

Supporting girls like Teyeba to stay in school is more essential now than ever. Across Ethiopia, many families and communities are working to rebuild their lives in the aftermath of the crisis and break the cycle of poverty.

“I want all girls to know …. because I don’t want any girl to be shy about periods. A period is not a taboo it’s a natural process. There is still so much that needs to be done in our country for girls and women, I want to continue to do more.”

– Teyeba

How will my donation help girls to stay in school?

We believe that girls shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about a normal biological process. They certainly shouldn’t have to miss out on an education because of it.

Studio Samuel is just one of a number of our partners supporting girls to stay in school with confidence and dignity. Their project supports vulnerable girls by distributing free reusable period packs, and offering extra-curricular after school courses in IT and business skills, sewing, life skills and creative arts.

Please donate today so that we can continue to support our girls’ education partners.

Thanks to Ethiopiaid’s supporters, in 2021, Teyeba and her peers were able to make and

distribute free period packs to

3,650 girls

in 13 schools.

This year they hope to reach a further 6,000 to 8,000 girls so that they too can stay in school without fear or embarrassment.

For Every €1 we raised in 2021…

74c funded local projects in Ethiopia helping to transform lives.

26c helped to raise the next €1 and funded essential running costs.

Why Ethiopiaid?

We focus on the needs of vulnerable Ethiopians at grass roots level. This hinges on sustained relationships with trusted Ethiopian partners.

Our partners know the context and solutions; we listen and provide appropriate support. Growth and development are tracked in local communities using robust monitoring and evaluation. Partnerships continue as long as there’s a clear need and opportunities to make a lasting impact.

Our vision – an Ethiopia in which every person has access to quality education, healthcare and a life of dignity.

Our mission – breaking the cycle of poverty by enabling the poorest and most vulnerable and their communities to live with dignity, to build resilience and achieve real and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

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