Ayantu’s career in code

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Hope College of Business, Science & Technology opened up life-changing opportunities for Ayantu, and she hasn’t looked back…

“After graduation, Ayantu plans to become a computer programmer.”

Ayantu loves coding. She expects to graduate from her IT course later this year, hopefully in July with the rest of her school friends. Ayantu is 22 years old, and has spent four years studying at Hope College.

Hope College of Business, Science & Technology opened in October 2011, as the first public benefit institution of higher learning in Ethiopia. It is currently supporting 551 students through higher education – an opportunity that these young people would otherwise never have had. 

Learning to code

Ayantu’s favourite things about the course are the supportive staff and the opportunity to learn coding, which she has discovered that she is very good at. When asked what she would improve about the college, she suggested that more departments (and therefore course subjects) would be good, and perhaps a careers advice department. The college is still relatively new, and this is a service that may well develop with increased resources.

Ayantu had hoped to study architecture when she first arrived in 2012, but the department was not up and running at that point so she chose IT. Nonetheless, she has enjoyed her course and is proud to have developed skills in programming, coding and software. After graduation, she plans to become a computer programmer, and perhaps in the future to go on and study architecture at university.

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