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Did you know you can increase your donation just by signing a form? 

If you have donated €250 or more to Ethiopiaid in any of the past four years then your donations are tax eligible. 

This means Ethiopiaid can claim a percentage of your donation from Revenue, at no cost to you!

Tax Form FAQs

What is Tax Efficient Giving?

Revenue’s Charitable Donations Scheme allows charities like Ethiopiaid to claim tax back on donations of €250 or more, at no cost to you, our donor. All you need to do is sign and return an enduring tax certificate so we can claim the tax back from Revenue.

If you have donated up to €250 or more to Ethiopiaid, whether in one lump sum or over the course of the year, Ethiopiaid can make a claim to Revenue. We just need you to complete and return the enduring tax certificate to us so that we can make the claim to Revenue. 

The form is valid for 4 years which helps lower our admin costs – allowing for greater impact in the work we do to improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalised in Ethiopia.

With this scheme we have the potential to unlock much needed income which together means we can help people in Ethiopia have access to quality education, healthcare and a life of dignity, but we really need you to sign and return the enduring certificate form today, thank you!

You can find more information on the scheme here at the Revenue website.

Does my donation qualify?

In order for us to claim tax back on your donations you must have donated €250 or more to Ethiopiaid within one year, in the last four years.

You can make your donation as a once-off donation or by instalments. For example, a monthly gift of €21 over 12 months totals €252, and qualifies for the scheme. This only applies to personal gifts, and not to funds raised through sponsorship.

Even if you are self-assessed, we can claim tax back on your donation!

What will this cost me?

It costs you absolutely nothing! All you have to do is complete and return the form to Ethiopiaid, PO Box 8913, FREEPOST F3429, Dublin 08 and we will do the rest.

How do I find my PPS number?

Your PPS number is your Personal Public Service number. It is always 7 numbers followed by 1 or 2 letters. You can find it on your Payslip, Tax documents, Public Services Card, your employer’s records or on the European Health Insurance Card, amongst other places.

What if my tax status changes?

Please contact us here or on 01 584 2802 and let us know if you are no longer eligible for the scheme.

What do I do now?

Download your enduring tax certificate or call us on (0) 1 584 2802  or  087 093 6031 and we’ll send you one in the post.

All you need do is fill in and sign the form and we will do the rest.

Please send your completed forms to: Ethiopiaid, PO Box 8913, FREEPOST F3429, Dublin 08 and we’ll do the rest, thank you.

If you would like to set up a monthly donation please click here. If you would like to make a one-off donation of €250 please click here.

If you have any specific queries or concerns please contact Frances on (01) 584 2802 or  087 093 6031 or

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