How you can help

Your donations help Ethiopians
rewrite their stories

There are many ways you can support the local projects helping vulnerable Ethiopians to transform their lives.

Become a
regular giver ⪢

Regular payments are a huge help to the Ethiopiaid team. Knowing we have a guaranteed income each month helps us plan ahead and allows us to respond quickly to our partners needs.

Fundraise for us ⪢

Not sure where to start? Here are some tried and tested ideas to get you started.

Philanthropy ⪢

Alone, we make small differences. Together, the possibilities are endless.

Trusts and
foundations ⪢

Our partners create lasting change in local communities. Charitable trusts and foundations can help them achieve larger scale transformation.

Leave a gift in
your will ⪢

A legacy gift has the power to transform lives in Ethiopia, and with it, create lasting change in a community.

Tax on Charitable Donations ⪢

If you have given at least €250 to any charity in the last four years, we can claim nearly half of the same amount back and give it to those most in need in Ethiopia. Find out more.

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