Transforming lives in Ethiopia

Women and girls

Many women and girls in Ethiopia face barriers throughout their lives.

Inequality can affect girls from the moment they are born. Many young girls undergo harmful practices such as female genital mutilation (FGM), and despite child marriage being illegal in Ethiopia, 40% of girls are married by the age of 18.

We believe girls and women are the key to building long-term change.

By protecting girls and promoting women’s voices, our partners are building a safer, more equal world.

A safer and more equal world

We partner with local organisations who provide support and opportunities for women and girls. Through their projects, they are:

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Women and girls

Our impact 2022-23 

2,380 pregnant or breastfeeding mothers were give life-saving food and supported to deliver their babies safely

29 doctors  were trained in surgical skills for fistula repair freeing 100s of women from a lifetime of isolation and sadness

9,000 girlswere kept in school thanks to the provision of free period packs

Our partners

APDA is dedicated to ending harmful practices, including female genital mutilation (FGM), child marriage and the lack of rights for women in marriage. Their Women Extension Workers are trusted role models for girls. Through their outreach work, they support women and girls in their communities, visiting and speaking to girls and listening to their daily challenges and difficulties. They also work alongside religious leaders who, as respected authorities, can lead by example to bring an end to harmful practices.

Wings of Healing provide free screening and treatment of cervical cancer. In Ethiopia, where most cervical cancer cases are detected late and treatment is often unaffordable, this work is saving lives. Their incluse programme also reaches women from poorer backgrounds who struggle to access healthcare. Looking forward, they aim to continue expanding their services, particularly to reach women living with HIV and ultimately prevent cervical cancer.

Stigma surrounding menstruation means that many girls in Ethiopia are ashamed to ask for help, and often drop out of school. Based in Addis Ababa, Studio Samuel’s project supports vulnerable girls to stay in school by distributing free re-usable period packs, and through offering extra-curricular after school courses in IT and business skills, sewing, life skills and creative arts. Studio Samuel helps girls continue their education and develop important skills for future employment. Support is also given to access healthcare, tutoring and scholarships that they otherwise would miss out on. Some of the girls also go on to lead presentations at other schools on how to use the period packs, encouraging both girls and boys to break the taboo.

We also help

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