Our Impact

It is a great pleasure to share the wonderful achievements you have been part of over the last year.

Last year, 20,572 people were reached through Ethiopiaid-funded projects.

Maternal Healthcare

Informed decisions in motherhood

Strengthening maternal health services for women across Ethiopia. Preventing and treating childbirth injuries. Helping every woman access the care they need to give birth safely and equipping them to make informed decisions about their own health.

278 medical professionals

trained in the management and prevention of fistula, so that thousands more women can live free of fistula. 

354 women were cured of obstetric fistula, a devastating childbirth injury, and could rejoin their communities with confidence.

209 community leaders educated on fistula and its prevention, bringing vital care to women in rural areas. 

Women and girls

A safer and more equal world

Creating safe, inclusive communities where the voices of women and girls are heard, where they are supported to provide for their children, and protected from harmful practices such as female genital mutilation, early marriage and gender based violence.

9,000 girls were kept in school thanks to the provision of free menstrual kits.

29 doctors
were trained in surgical skills for fistula repair freeing 100s of women from a lifetime of isolation and sadness.

2,380 pregnant or breastfeeding mothers  were given life-saving food and supported to deliver their babies safely. 

Impact story

Child Marriage: Haalima’s Story

Child marriage in Ethiopia: Haalima’s reality Haalima was only 15 years old when her parents told her she had to marry a man she’d never

Emergency and recovery

Together through crisis

Delivering vital relief to people affected by crises. Equipping communities with skills and resources to be more resilient and supporting recovery work. Being there for people who have no one else to turn to.

3,155 peoplereceived life-sustaining food with pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, children, elderly, ill and disabled a focus.

3,155 displaced people including pregnant women, mothers and young children received life-saving care. 

583 families’ assisted by APDA to recover their herds and form income-generating groups. 

Impact story

Supporting vulnerable people

Where everyone is welcome

Equal opportunities for children and adults living with disabilities. Preventing and treating neglected tropical diseases. Building inclusive and accessible communities for everyone. Restoring dignity and providing care for older people and people with terminal illnesses. 

900 people gained independence thanks to wheelchairs and other mobility aids. 

200 vulnerable children & adults ate breakfast/ lunch daily in a supportive, safe space.

321 with disabilitieswere provided with free repair to their mobility devices continuing their independence. 

Impact story

Solomon’s story

32 year old Solomon has multiple disabilities and lives at home with his mother, Atsede. His clean and carefully decorated home is located down a


Building better futures

Removing barriers to education, helping keep girls in school, ensuring the next generation of leaders and decision-makers reach their full potential and create long-term change. 

300 girls of students learned skills in computers, sewing and menstrual kit production, all skills which are strongly job-transferable in their communities. 

100 girls below the poverty line supported to stay in school.

402 childrenwith disabilities were given mobility aids which allowed them to attend school. 

Impact story

2022 income and expenditure

The day-to-day impact of our partners’ work is truly life-transforming. We hope you have seen how every donation contributes to directly helping someone who really needs it. We cannot say thank you enough – this work wouldn’t be possible without you.

Total income €232,220

Total expenditure €254,351

For every €1 we raised in 2022…

75c funds local projects in Ethiopia helping to transform lives.

25c helps to raise the next €1 and funds essential running costs.

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