Transforming lives in Ethiopia

Emergency and recovery

In the past few years, Ethiopia has suffered a series of devastating crises.

Our Emergency and Recovery Fund has an important role in enabling us to respond quickly during times of crisis and avoid delays to the provision of assistance whilst a public fundraising appeal is launched. 

It means that we can make quick decisions within hours of receiving a call for help from our partners and we are often the first to provide life-saving support during drought, food shortages and disease outbreaks. 

It also helps to support long-term recovery. Once the emergency has passed and international agencies have moved on, our Emergency and Recovery Fund enables us to offer support to affected communities to help them rebuild their lives and strengthen their resilience to future crises.

Together through crisis

We partner with local organisations who are providing life-saving aid and recovery work. Through their projects, they are:

If you have any questions about our partners’ emergency and recovery work, please do get in touch.

Emergency and recovery

Our impact last year

3,155 people  received life-sustaining food with pregnant or breast feeding mothers, children, elderly, ill and disabled a focus

3,155 displaced people,  including pregnant women, mothers and young children received life-saving care

583 families were assisted by APDA to recover their herds and form income-generating groups

Safiya’s escape to safety

Across Ethiopia, conflict has displaced over 4.6 million people. Many of them mothers with young children, like Safiya and her baby. Safiya fled her home when the conflict started. Like so many people who have been displaced by conflict in Ethiopia, she had nowhere else to go.

Our partners

APDA respond quickly in times of conflict, drought and other emergencies, saving lives by providing food, water, shelter, medicine and vaccinations. They help protect pastoralist families’ livelihoods, with emergency food for livestock and veterinary care.
In areas affected by the conflict, they are working to combat food insecurity by forming local cooperatives to grow and sell food, and helping women who lost their livelihoods to rebuild their businesses.

Hope Enterprises are providing food, uniforms and school fees for children who have been forced from their homes by conflict and are living in displacement camps, so that they can continue to learn at local schools.

Wings of Healing are providing vital medical care by re-equipping health centres damaged in conflict, restoring Maternal and Child Health Services, and running emergency medical clinics in camps for displaced people. They are also treating pregnant women, new mothers and children who are living in displacement camps and have acute malnutrition.

We also help

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