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For those living with conflict in Ethiopia there will be little to celebrate this festive season. Help us rewrite their story.

Our partners are committed throughout this conflict to provide life-saving aid but the need is still critical. Homes and livelihoods have been destroyed, leaving people with no means of survival.

The Facts

1 Year of Conflict

The conflict started in November 2020, just as the country was starting to re-open after the pandemic. It looks set to continue.

Children are Starving

In Tigray over 400,000 people are at the UN HCR highest phase for hunger (IPC Level 5). It is estimated that 48% of these are children.

Mothers in Labour

Heavily pregnant mothers are forced to flee their homes with little hope of finding a safe place to give birth. They are malnourished and traumatised.

Communities Devastated

This has been a crisis situation which has seen civilian casualties, sexual violence, livelihoods halted, markets closed and farmers forced from their land.

2 Million Displaced

According to the IOM UN Migration (Oct 2021) almost 2 million people are now reported as being displaced. They have fled their homes in terror.

Limited Communications

Many regions are facing communication black-outs and humanitarian access from outside the region is blocked.

Update from our partner

Read an extract from one of our partner’s report on the current situation. 

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