Solomon’s story

32 year old Solomon has multiple disabilities and lives at home with his mother, Atsede. His clean and carefully decorated home is located down a narrow side street of a busy town in Amhara.  Solomon’s mobility issues mean he cannot get around on his own and his mother has to carry him.  Every day he […]

An ambassador for skilled midwives

Sindayo turned a devastating injury into an opportunity to help other Ethiopian women… “I need to do more to convince mothers to deliver at a health centre. Sindayo is a great communicator. Unlike many Ethiopian women, she was fortunate enough to complete higher education. But she hasn’t always been lucky in life. The labour of […]

Ayantu’s career in code

Hope College of Business, Science & Technology opened up life-changing opportunities for Ayantu, and she hasn’t looked back… “After graduation, Ayantu plans to become a computer programmer.” Ayantu loves coding. She expects to graduate from her IT course later this year, hopefully in July with the rest of her school friends. Ayantu is 22 years […]

Alaza’s dedication to physio

Although spinobifida has made this 18-month-old’s movement limited and painful, he’s showing great determination in therapy sessions “With continued therapy, Alaza will be able to lead a relatively normal, healthy life.” Alaza is just 18-months-old, but has been having weekly physiotherapy sessions since he was three months old. Born with spinobifida, his movement was very […]

Transformational surgery for three siblings

Ebise, Gemeda and Mergitu find confidence after leg deformities threaten to curb their ambitions. “Ebise and Gemeda want to become teachers and Mergitu wants to become a doctor.” Ebise and Mergitu were both born with clubfoot on both legs. Their brother Gemeda felt fortunate he was born with only one leg deformity. Their father passed […]

Asegedch’s transformation

  Asegedch spent over five years without any sight in her right eye. After surgery, her vision is expected to return to normal “Before you stepped in to help, my life was incredibly tough.” Asegedch has been supported by Support for Children, Women and Older People (SCWOP) for 18 years. She says her life before […]

Akeza’s staying in school

Access to sanitary products enabled Akeza to carry on her education after her periods had left her scared to leave home “I would like younger girls to know that they should not be afraid of menstruation.” “When I menstruated, my father saw me washing my underpants. I was very shocked and did not say a […]

Ethiopiaid helped sponsor my place at University

Manale Kebede studies science and technology at Hope University College. Thanks to Ethiopiaid supporters Manale’s fees are sponsored which meant that she can continue studying without worry.  Between her studies, she works for 2 hours, 2 times a week in the photocopying room.  Doing this earns her 30 ETB per week, which helps with the […]

Climbing the Ladders of Hope

Thanks to Hope Enterprises thousands of impoverished children and young people are able to continue their education every year. Founded in 1971, it began with the feeding and educating of street children living in doorways, bus stations, and makeshift shelters in Addis Ababa. Today more than 4,000 children and young people are attending a Hope Enterprises’ […]

Hana’s Story

“It is helping Hana feel like a normal, healthy child and she no longer feels different.”  Tesfa, Hana’s mother  Before 9-year-old Hana started therapy with Cheshire Services, she couldn’t walk or talk. Her future looked bleak. Hana was born with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Living over 600km from Addis Ababa in a rural village, Hana’s […]

Meet my hero

“I used to think I was cursed by God and cry day and night. My husband and parents also felt sad about my condition. They thought that there was no treatment for it. They started hiding me from neighbours and friends. I asked my husband to take me to church but he refused…” – Serke, […]

Masho’s story – a vision for the future

At the age of 10 years old, following an accident, I was left unable to see. My name is Masho Kidanemariam. I want to tell you my story and about the lives of blind children in Ethiopia. Thankfully, unlike so many blind children in Ethiopia, my story has a happy ending. Today I am Executive […]

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