Enamo Yadessa is 17 years old. She was admitted to Menagesha Rehabilitation Center for  physical rehabilitation after being referred by Cheshire's Mobile Outreach Service. When the outreach team visited her village, Enamo emerged from the house crawling on her hands. She headed to the mobile clinic van for physical examination. Both her two lower legs, hip and knee had severe flexion contractures due to Post Polio Paralysis contracted since her childhood. She was pale and filled with despair.

Enamo's family was discriminated against for having a disabled child. She was locked at home, unable to go to school with the rest of her siblings. This was very painful for her. After admission to Menagesha, Enamo received successful surgical correction on both lower legs. She also underwent additional correction with plaster for two consecutive months followed by physiotherapy treatments for pain management and strengthening.

Furthermore, Enamo received psychosocial, education, socialisation and training  support at Menagesha, which has improved her interaction with others. When she was first admitted, Enamo was shy and lacked confidence. Now, she attends handcraft and education classes with the other children, in order to develop her knowledge and skills  and confidence in her ability. In less than a year, Enamo has progressed to the point where she is able to walk independently with crutches. She can get in and out of her bedroom easily, bathe and dress herself.

"I was frightened when I was first admitted to the centre. I never imagined that I would get such a warm welcome, care and treatment from the staff, as I didn’t know  a life outside of my family. The care offered by the physiotherapists, the social workers and the mothers, immediately put me at ease. The service is provided with compassion, smiles, humour and a caring attitude. The physical therapy department and orthopaedic workshops have worked strongly together to provide me with the walking devices. "Jeru soda kessa efatti Bahe Cheshire nuuf hajiratu - Long live Cheshire which  brought my life out of fear and dismay".

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