Frah will never forget .

Frah will never forget .

Help girls like Frah rewrite the story of period poverty. Donate as little as €8 today.

A period shouldn't stop a girl's education. You can help ensure it doesn't.

98% of girls lack access to sanitary products in some parts of Ethiopia.
Help us continue their vital work and rewrite the stories of so many girls by donating online today.

What’s included in a Menstrual Kit?

As little as €16 can buy two reusable kits for girls in Ethiopia.

The kit contains the following items which educates girls about menstruation and helps them to stay in school with dignity:

Reusable pads lasting at least 2 years
Info sheet on menstruation
Soap and washcloth
Wetbag to store used pads
Tote bag to carry everything

Girls are being denied a future but as little as €8 can change that

“I was in school the first time… I didn’t know what was happening and I stained my dress. Everyone stared at me and the boys started to tease me. It felt like I had done something bad. I was so embarrassed I ran straight home but the boys followed me and started shouting and taunting.”

Current challenges for Girl's education in Ethiopia

Because violence in Tigray has closed schools and threatened our partner’s work, your support is even more vital now than ever before. Read about the current challenges girl’s are facing in their plight for education.

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