Nov 2016

Great Ethiopian Run - Ethiopiaid Trip 2016

Posted by Natacha Soto on Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Earlier this year we asked some of our incredible supporters to join us in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to participate in the Great Ethiopian Run in November 2016 and volunteer with some of our amazing local partners. 4 of them signed up and started fundraising on behalf of Ethiopiaid and the project of their choice. 

However, as we shared with you before, on the 8th of October 2016 the Ethiopian government declared a six-month national State of Emergency as a result  of civil unrest and anti-government protests in the regions surrounding Addis Ababa.  After much debate with the Ethiopiaid board and having been in consultation with the Irish Embassy in Ethiopia, our Ethiopian partners, our sister offices in Australia, the UK and Canada, our insurance agency, and other larger NGOs who were planning to participate in the GER, it was with great sadness  that a decision was made to cancel this year’s trip.  

Whilst Addis Ababa itself is, at the moment, considered fairly safe to visit, large gatherings and travel outside of Addis Ababa's city limits pose a risk. The GER organisers are still planning to go ahead with the race, but with 40,000 people expected to take part it is considered a significant gathering and a high profile event.

Our supporters have all worked extremely hard raising funds (with some even breaking their targets!) and preparing for the trip and obviously this is disappointing for everyone involve. Their safety is however our primary concern and after consulting with them we have decided to reschedule the trip for the GER 2017. All the funds that have been raised will still go to our partners and we will cover the costs of altering flights and accommodation that we have booked. 

Special thanks to Angela, Miguel, Katie and Harriet for being amazingly committed to our cause! The adventure still awaits for us.

Now, our top priority is to ensure that our partners can continue their important work in the current climate. The State of Emergency does put extra strain on our partners who already work in difficult circumstances. The fantastic work that our partners do is continuing in spite of the restrictions, and we will continue to update you on the situation. 


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