Jan 2016

Drought update - Millions at risk in Ethiopia

Posted by Natacha Soto on Tuesday 26th January 2016

According to the Independent and the Irish Examiner millions are at risk as Ethiopia reels from deadly drought. There is serious concern for the most vulnerable people – in particular newborns and their mothers. 

The drought will leave millions of people in need of food aid after two consecutive failed rains, the last one triggered by El Niño which hit the globe last June.

One-tenth of Ethiopians (about 10.2 million people) cannot feed themselves because their crops and animals have died despite strong economic growth and development gains over the last decade. The drought has prompted fears of a repeat of the devastating famine in 1984, when nearly 1 million people died. 

It is expected that more than 2.5 million children willl drop out of school due to the drought this year.



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