Transforming lives in Ethiopia

A Message From Dr Ambaye

Women need care and we need you.  DONATE NOW Dr Ambaye was trained by Dr Catherine Hamlin and has been working towards eradicating fistula for over 27 years.  DONATE NOW “Every morning, when I arrive at my fistula centre, I am greeted with smiles of relief.  For most women who arrive at the centre, this feeling is […]

CEO Update: Emergency Aid in Afar

Last month our partner APDA shared with me that rain has not fallen since late September in much of the Afar Region. Exacerbating this, fighting continues in the region’s southern Zone 6. Women and children are living with severe hunger, thirst and disease. They tell us that security concerns mean that other NGOs and international […]

Amina’s tireless work to end FGM and child- marriage

Amina is 42 years old and has been working with our partner the Afar Pastoralist Development Association (APDA) to end FGM since she was 20. A native of Afar, she has been with the project since its inception. Starting as a Women-Extension Worker, Amina progressed to being a Women Extension Leader in her area and […]

Senait’s Story

When fighting reached Sifra on the Tigray border, Senait, along with her family and neighbours, fled for their lives. But, in the chaos and confusion Senait was separated from her mother. Like so many others she was desperate for news of her family but when it came, her heart was broken.  Her mother had been […]

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