Transforming lives in Ethiopia

A Message From Dr Ambaye

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Women need care and we need you. 

Dr Ambaye was trained by Dr Catherine Hamlin and has been working towards eradicating fistula for over 27 years. 

“Every morning, when I arrive at my fistula centre,
I am greeted with smiles of relief. 
For most women who arrive at the centre, 
this feeling is as soiled as their clothing. 
Often entering barefoot, having made the
difficult journey soaked in their own incontinence. 
Damp, distressed and displaced (again) 
after enduring what feels like a series of
never-ending crises. 
I say again because for a woman living with an
obstetric fistula, displacement is nothing new.
These women are used to isolation and rejection. 

after enduring long and
obstructed labours.

Which often results in the delivery of their stillborn
babies and them with an obstetric fistula. Returning home only to be shun by their communities.
Treatment given free of charge at our centre doesn’t
stop with life changing surgery, it goes beyond. 
We support these women both spiritually and physically. So, when they are ready to leave, they can do so
in confidence and in a brand-new dress.

The truth is the number of women arriving at our centres’
in need of treatment are increasing at a rate
we can’t keep up with.” 

Please give a gift today so our services
can reach more women 
in 2024.

Your support doesn’t have to end today. Regular gifts are important as they enable our partners to plan
with confidence. Will you please consider setting up a monthly direct debit so you can
continue to support a woman in need?

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