Our approach is simple

We deliver support to people who need it the most, at a time when it will make a real difference. We raise funds for local Ethiopian charities to transform lives and achieve lasting change.

In 2022 we reached over 20,572 people

We have partnered with local Ethiopian organisations for over 20 years

Over 80% of the adults our partners help are women

We are currently supporting 15 projects

You can help transform lives

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Our mission

Breaking the cycle of poverty by enabling the poorest and most vulnerable and their communities to live with dignity, to build resilience and achieve real and sustainable solutions to the challenges they face.

Our areas of work

Ethiopiaid’s local partners transform lives and bring hope to vulnerable people and communities across Ethiopia.

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Read inspiring impact stories, our latest partner updates and find out how you can support life-transforming projects.

How we help

How we help Ethiopiaid partners with trusted local organisations to improve the lives of Ethiopia’s most vulnerable Together we are

Latest news

We focus on the needs of vulnerable Ethiopians at grass-roots level. This hinges on sustained relationships with trusted Ethiopian partners.

Safiya’s escape to safety

Across Ethiopia, conflict has displaced over 4.6 million people. Many of them mothers with young children, like Safiya and her

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