When a girl .

Girls like Akeza (right) stop going to school when they get their period. 
Help them today to stay in school and have a choice in their future.

A period doesn't have to mean the end of her education.

75% of girls and women do not have access to sanitary products which are expensive and difficult to find.
Girls are forced to use whatever materials are available such as grass, leaves, old rags or
nothing at all.

Ethiopiaid’s local partner provides girls with menstrual kits so they can go to school with their period and with dignity.

Help rewrite the future for girls in Ethiopia.

What's included in a menstrual kit?

Reusable liners which last at least 2 years

2 pairs of underwear

Washcloth & soap

Washbag to store used liners

Bag to carry the kit

Info sheet on menstruation and caring for the kit

The whole kit costs just €8 to produce

‘ I would like younger girls to know that they should not be afraid of menstruation. They shouldn’t be shocked, upset, or embarrassed. It is a sign of being a woman.’ Akeza, looking forward to completing her education.

Help us rewrite the future for more girls like Akeza.
Donate today.

A Closer Look at Our Partner's Work

Girls from the ages of 9 to 18 are trained in sewing – which is an employable skill – and are taught how to make a menstruation kits.

They learn how to use and look after the kits – taboos are broken and they no longer feel shame or fear around their periods.

Next, the trainees bring the kits to schools and present them to other schoolgirls. Sharing knowledge, uplifiting each other and feeling proud instead of embarrassed, the girls become confident in presenatation skills and in themselves.

The effect of COVID-19 and Conflict on girls' education

In the last 20 years, Ethiopia has come so far in educating girls and keeping them in school. The pandemic, just like in Ireland, affected the economy and enforced school closures. This loss of income, along with long-standing cultural beliefs, has meant that some girls are at risk of not returning to school when they re-open. Instead they face early marriage, gender-based violence and harmful practices. 

This situation has been compounded in Tigray and surrounding areas by the current conflict. Schools are closed and being used as shelters for internally displaced people. As a result children are facing a setback in their education and girls are at risk of never returning at all and their education being cut short. 

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