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Ethiopiaid Ireland has been working with HOPE Enterprises since 2002 to revolutionise education in Ethiopia.

HOPE is one of our major beneficiaries – they support the poorest by providing the knowledge and expertise needed to work themselves out of poverty, from basic skills through to vocational and university training.

The Street Children's Breakfast

In Addis Ababa, there are an estimated 60,000 children living rough on the dangerous streets of an impoverished city. Often without parents, they spend every waking hour desperately looking for food and shelter. Many are forced to beg, steal or prostitute themselves, simply to get money for their next meal. For these children, education is a luxury they simply cannot afford.

HOPE works with Ethiopiaid to feed and school hundreds of street children who are rounded up by the dedicated project staff from doorways, bus stations and derelict hovels. The breakfast (two pieces of bread, milk and a banana) provides an incentive for attending informal classes in basic literacy and numeracy which are held afterwards. A social worker and project officer are actively working to re-unite targeted children with their families.

By removing the constant pressure of finding money for food, the children are given time to learn and gain the skills necessary for a better start in life. Amazingly, just £100 will provide a street child with breakfast AND schooling for an entire year.

Schooling for All

The ultimate goal of the Street Children's Breakfast is to enrol the children who attend into formal education. HOPE Enterprises runs its own school which children can attend free of charge. In 2008, the results recorded by the school for its national examination takers was one of the best in the country.

Students are provided with breakfast and lunch, stationary and textbooks, shoes and school uniforms. The guardians or parents of the children also receive a monthly allowance so their children don't have to work. If any children still need to work around school to support their families, HOPE provides the tools needed, like a shoe-shine kit.

A huge range of extra-curricular activities is available at HOPE's school. These include the anti-HIV/AIDS and Red Cross clubs, the environmental club, girls' club, language and literature clubs, civic and 'know-your-country' clubs.

HOPE Enterprises are popular with local women too. 295 women benefited from programmes such as basic literacy skills, family planning and HIV/AIDS education last year.

Vocational Skills Training

HOPE Enterprises runs a successful vocational training programme for 125 students a year. In order to strengthen trainees' entrepreneurial skills, Business Studies was recently incorporated into the training programme which includes courses in Electronics, General Mechanics, Metal Works, Carpentry, Hospitality & Catering. The training is 70% practical and all the trainees are placed on two month apprenticeships, which help many secure permanent jobs. HOPE aims to promote enterprise and self-sufficiency and to train students with the skills necessary for growing industries in Ethiopia.HOPE University College

HOPE Enterprises is now adding a further step to the ladder through the exciting new HOPE University College, supported by Ethiopiaid.

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