Women’s Welfare

Women and girls often face discrimination, gender-based violence, exploitation, trafficking, child marriage and other harmful traditional practices that not only threaten their health and livelihood, but also compromise the well-being and opportunities of the next generation.

Women’s Welfare

ETHIOPIAID'S AIM: To educate men, women and children about the dangers associated with discrimination, gender-based violence, child marriage and other harmful traditional practices.

Our Solution

We have partnered with local organisation Association for Women's Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD) to provide a refuge for women who are victims of domestic violence and discrimination, harmful traditional practices and exploitation. They offer a safe refuge for girls who often have no one else to turn to. 

  • Safe House

    The women and children receive shelter, food, counselling, medical services and legal aid. This is the first step in a holistic rehabilitation service. 

  • Professional Skill Development

    At the safe houses women engage in basic literacy education and skills training so that they are in the best position to secure employment and generate their own income when they leave the safe house. 

  • Community Education

    AWSAD delivers training to community and government institutions such as primary schools and police officers to enhance their capacity of providing quality services to victims of gender based violence and exploitation of women.

Our Impact

  • In 2016, AWSAD was able to reach over 423 women and girls survivors of violence and their children through safe house services.
  • AWSAD also supported 19 girls through formal education that were previous victims of rape and gender based violence.
  • Key successes in 2016: 2 students passed national exams and transferred to the next level (one at grade 8 and one at grade 12). Other 2 students graduated from Higher Education (Teaching and Marketing).

Case Studies

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